Mental Illness Stigma Support offers a variety of different programs and services to help you with all of your mental health needs.


At Mental Illness Stigma Support we:

1.     Highlight resources in the Bow Valley through collaboration with community and regional partners, to provide the most up to date information on available resources for our community members who are struggling with their mental health and reaching out for assistance to get well.

2.     Bring to light topics related to mental illness. No person should have to struggle with their mental health in the dark. Our efforts are aimed at eliminating the stigma around mental illness by pushing the conversation into the open, we are able to advocate for and dedicate funding toward mental health programming and services which address the needs of our community members.

3. Provide Peer Support. Our programs are available to all community members coping with their mental health, or the mental health of a loved one in both individual and group scenarios. They are a place to come listen, share, and explore topics of mental health. We strive to create a place to be creative, active, and social with a group of peers who are dedicated to each other’s mental wellness.


" I joined MISS because there are people in my life who are affected by mental illness. Being part of an organization such as MISS, I feel I can learn about mental illness and support techniques to better help those close to me. "
- Jenna